Great British Blog Off 2016


Week 7 in the bake-off tent  –  DESSERTS

So this week I was a little bit busy (and incidentally a little bit poorly with a stinker of a cold) so only managed one of the bakes, with that in mind, and having a ‘bake’ to make for my colleagues at the animal rehoming charity I decided to  combine the two and make a doggie themed roulade (sorry it’s that jazz hands food thing again!) and not only that I had been requested to consider 2 members of our group that have an issue with gluten so it had to be gluten free (an easy task for a roulade) plus, I had my passion fruit curd left over from last weeks bake. I was not really too happy with the overall appearance of the roulade, it was too soft inside and so had to leave it in the oven a bit longer than I wanted, this made the top go a bit too crispy and it was still too soft inside; oh well, it looked okay, but my it tasted good enough to eat!




For the decoration: one whole egg

gluten free flour (same weight as the egg)

caster sugar (same weight as the egg)

food colouring ~(brown, black and orange)

For the roulade: 4 egg whites

8oz/225g caster sugar

1 tbspn cornflour/gluten free flour

½ pint/ 300ml double or whipping cream

1 small jar of passionfruit curd (see botanical week for how to make)


  • Preheat the oven to 180ºC/17o fan and butter a swiss roll tin (12×9″/30x20cm) then line it with baking parchment so it fits neatly into the corners.
  • (you can skip this stage if you don’t want the decoration) Make the ‘dog’ paste by simply beating together the egg, flour and sugar (you will have way too much but you need a whole egg); divide the mix into 3 and colour one black and another a tan brown.  put each into an icing bag.  I found it easier to draw my pups onto a plain piece of paper which I popped under the parchment as a guide (must be removed before baking the roulade).
  • Bake in the oven for a minute, just to set, then leave the tin to cool.  Make your meringue in a grease free mixer bowl, whipping the egg whites until just holding their own shape, add your sugar a tablespoon at a time whilst continuing to mix – will take a couple or 3 minutes.  Until you have a smooth, glossy goo, which stands firm. Add the tablespoon of flour at the last moment, giving it one final mix.
  • Pour gently over the dogs and paw prints and smooth carefully into the corners.  Put in the oven and bake for 25 – 35 minutes until just golden and firm to the touch. Get ready 2 baking sheets and a clean piece of parchment paper.
  • Remove cake from the oven and tip out onto a baking sheet, gently peel the old parchment off and place the new paper on top.  Gently lay the 2nd baking tray on top and turn them all over (so the dogs are now on the bottom again). Roll the roulade up, from the narrower end, pinch together the ends of the paper (it will now resemble a little, fat sausage) and leave to cool for an hour or so (this is supposed to give the cake a ‘rolled memory’ and prevent cracking).
  • Whip your cream.  Unroll the cake, spread evenly with the curd, then carefully cover this with the cream and spread  out to the edges.  Reroll the roulade; cut off the 2 messy ends to reveal some nice layers of curls!

    Passionfruit Curd Roulade (with dog theme!)

Not my most successful bake to date, but it was fun, well received by my dog loving friends and there was none left so even though it was way too soft and cracked, it went down a treat!  My only ‘tip’ here is that I had forgotten to buy white caster sugar so had to use golden instead and think this was the reason for the softness of the texture – that’s my excuse anyway!

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to see some more of this weeks’ bloggers’ bakes then pop on over to where you will find them all.






One thought on “Great British Blog Off 2016

  1. i love the puppy pattern for your roulade! No wonder your doggy loving friend loved it. I bet this was delicious with the passionfruit cute inside! Yum.
    Hope you are feeling better now x


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