This is so much easier than it looks.  First, decide on which liner you prefer, I personally prefer to use foil lined disposable parchment for square tins and for cakes and bakes that require longer cooking times, reusable PTFE parchment for the bottom or round cake tins and regular paper for anything else.

So, take your square tin and place it upside down, fold your parchment paper over it and rub it down, thus leaving the shapeform of the tin in the paper.

Then take a pair of good sharp scissors (I have a pair in my kitchen that the whole household is BANNED from using teehee) and snip down the 4 corners from top edge to bottom corner.

Butter your tin then  simply insert the parchment in with the flaps tucked in neatly behind the side panels.  Grease the inside then you’re good to go!

TOP TIP   —  you can use  more or less anything you have at hand to grease a cake tin, however, if it is essential that your paper does not move around in the tin then use butter (or nondairy equivalent), use butter if the thing being baked is mainly butter and if you want to butter and flour coat a tin and then oil for anything else.  I find the refillable spray oil bottles are essential in my kitchen, I have one for veg and another for olive oils.  So a little rhyme to remember which to use. – oil to slick and butter to stick!


Easy peasy, just a disc cut the same size as your base and a long piece of paper that goes around the side in one piece.  Then all you need do is snip the bottom of the parchment (about 1″ up) about 1″ apart. Butter the tin, and line this sides (with the cut frill flat on the bottom).  Grease the cut frill and place the bottom disc over the top.  Grease the parchment and you are ready to bake!



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