Raspberry Charlotte Russe


1 raspberry jelly (cubed variety is best)

1 can raspberries in natural juice

1 punnet fresh raspberries

1 packet lady fingers (aka boudoir biscuits and trifle sponges)

500 ml double cream

1 tbspn icing sugar

2 leaves or ½ sachet of gelatine 


  1. Make up ½ the jelly as per pack instructions.  Take a springform cake tin (i used an 8 inch) and line with cling film, trying to avoid any ripples!  Poor the jelly in the bottom and allow to set. 
  2. Take your lady fingers and line these up vertically around the tin pushing gently down into the set jelly making sure there are no gaps. image
  3. Make up with second half of the jelly and use the juice from the tin of raspberries to make up to 1/2 pint.  Take a handful of the fresh raspberries and place in a pattern on the set jelly. Carefully pour the 2nd jelly over the first and leave to set.
  4. Soften the gelatine according to pack instructions (if using crystal use only a small amount of water). Put the tin of raspberries, a good handful of fresh raspberries and the icing sugar into a processor and give ’em a whizz.  In a bowl, whisk the cream until it is very firm make a well in the middle.  Pour the fruit pulp into a sieve and press it all through with a metal spoon into the cream.  Place the gelatine in the middle of the pulp and mix all this  together until well combined.  Tip this semi-solid mix onto the jelly and smooth it down level with the height of the biscuits.  If it does not reach the top of the ladyfingers then simply trim them to size carefully.image
  5. Allow this to set for a few hours.  Take your serving plate and place this on the open end of your tin and turn it over.  Remove the tin (i found it better doing this with my eyes closed was the best, whilst holding my breath and giving it 100% hope worked the best for me).  It should (!) stay standing on its own.  I then simply decorated it with ribbon around the side, a fig and some geranium flowers.

TIPS  –  followed a recipe from the telegraph and linked with the bake off but i think that it would be simpler to do it the right way up i.e. putting in the mouse first then adding the jelly on top, and even putting a layer of the boudoir biscuits in the bottom too.  I also found that the cream mix was a bit dull in colour so i cheated a teeny bit and put a minute amount of pink colour in too. Don’t be temped to put in too much gelatine, if the cream is really firm it won’t need much.

As you can see from the photo my jelly leached into the lady biscuits but it still looks pretty all the same.  I did contemplate making my own, as the shop bought ones are a wee bit dry and bland, however, the bleed through made them soft and tasty win, win i say! Still, i could not have put this in front of Paul Hollywood! You can always make your own jelly with fruit juice and gelatine too, but I only had one tin of raspberries!

Don’t forget it’s not too late to join in with the Great British Blog Off.  Head over to Jenny’s blog for the rules and regs and to register your blog site.  Plus you will need to put this weeks’ blog onto Debbie Johnson’s blog at to be judged for star baker!! Good luck and happy blogging.



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